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Feeder Tips
Natural Christmas trees provide us with beauty in our homes. After we're done with them, we can put them outside to provide shelter for birds.

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Food for Thought
Black oil sunflower seed, with a high fat, and thin shell, is the best single seed to offer cardinals and most other seed-eating birds.

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Bird of the Month
Bird of the Month Our December Bird of the Month is one of the most recognized and beloved birds in the world. Its picture appears in most holiday greeting cards.

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On the Fly
On the Fly Teach Computers To Identify Birds With MerlinVision Imagine a world where you can snap a photo with your phone or camera, load it on an app, and have real-time identification in the field—even in places without an internet connection.

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Family Room
Picture Perfect
In frigid temperatures, photography can be tricky. Camera batteries lose their charge more quickly, and against a cold camera, our fingers can freeze.

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Art of Birding
Art of Birding Welcome to Caitlin’s Corner! I am really excited because this month means celebration with festive holidays and events. Let's talk about bird names for you!

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Bird Brains
Bird Brain Improve your bird knowledge and test your own Bird IQ with these Bird Brain quizzes. Check out the different levels and see how much you know!

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Wild Bird Club Special Offers
Holiday Gifts for Bird Lovers that Support The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Holiday Shopping for Our Cause! When You Buy These Products, You Help Support Us.

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Beginner Green activities are for birders of all ages who are new to birding. From pinecone peanut butter feeder making to backyard birding tips, we'll help you get started!

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Intermediates Blue activities are more challenging are for those who've mastered Green, or you can jump right into it if you already have some birding experience.

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Gray activities are great for more experienced birders, or to try if you've already mastered Green & Blue activities and want a bigger challenge!

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Citizen Science
CELEBRATE URBAN BIRDS Every year, we invite organizations, educators, and youth to apply for mini-grants to help fund creative neighborhood events and activities.

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