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Feeder Tips
Fall is a great time to plant shrubs for birds. Shrubs provide natural food, shelter, and nesting sites for those birds that are native to your area.

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Food for Thought
White millet is one of the most underrated of all birdseeds. Spread on the ground, it will draw in a lovely variety of doves, sparrows and more.

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Bird of the Month
Bird of the Month Our September Bird of the Month is one of the most well studied birds in the world. A lot of our understanding of bird migration comes from some experiments on a pretty backyard bird.

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On the Fly
On the Fly Goodbye, Yellow-Rump: Will We See A Return To Myrtle And Audubon’s Warblers? One of North America’s most beloved and familiar birds, the Yellow-rumped Warbler, may be at least three separate species.

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Family Room
Picture Perfect
Whether you have an expensive camera or an affordable zoom camera. The hardest part is focusing on the bird rather than a leaf or branch.

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Art of Birding
Art of Birding Welcome to Caitlin’s Corner! This month, I will be introducing you to honored birds from different cultures, and I am thrilled to share them with you.

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Bird Brains
Bird Brain Improve your bird knowledge and test your own Bird IQ with these Bird Brain quizzes. Check out the different levels and see how much you know!

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Wild Bird Club Special Offers
Coloring Books The Cornell Lab Publishing Group has books for bird lovers of all ages! Enjoy the new coloring books now! Enter code NEW4FALL25 at check out for a 25% discount.

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Beginner Green activities are for birders of all ages who are new to birding. From pinecone peanut butter feeder making to backyard birding tips, we'll help you get started!

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Intermediates Blue activities are more challenging are for those who've mastered Green, or you can jump right into it if you already have some birding experience.

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Gray activities are great for more experienced birders, or to try if you've already mastered Green & Blue activities and want a bigger challenge!

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Citizen Science
Helping Behavior in Eastern Bluebirds Eastern Bluebirds rarely have helpers at the nest. However, NestWatch received two reports of juvenile Eastern Bluebirds feeding their younger siblings.

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