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Feeder Tips
Virtually all children enjoy watching birds and doing things to help birds. Some easy projects are fun for kids and valuable for the birds as well.

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Food for Thought
Plain suet is all fat, but provides calories for many winter birds. Adding other ingredients can make them even more nutritious.

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Bird of the Month
Bird of the Month Our January Bird of the Month is an iconic woodpecker, large and crested. Its spectacular plumage and shy ways make this bird one of the more thrilling for us to see.

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On the Fly
On the Fly Project FeederWatch 2016-17 Birdspotter Photo Contest Birdspotter is our way of rewarding all of you who helped Project FeederWatch learn about birds in your backyard.

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Family Room
Picture Perfect
Have you ever tried to photograph a bird in the snow, and the bird ended up looking like a dark silhouette? Learn how to avoid that problem.

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Art of Birding
Art of Birding Welcome to Caitlin’s Corner! I am really excited because this month means New Year's Resolutions! I'll help with some ideas!

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Bird Brains
Bird Brain Improve your bird knowledge and test your own Bird IQ with these Bird Brain quizzes. Check out the different levels and see how much you know!

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Wild Bird Club Special Offers
Download the Free Merlin Bird ID App Download the free Merlin Bird ID App in Apple or Android stores, and then check out the step-by-step bird ID wizard to help you get started!

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Beginner Green activities are for birders of all ages who are new to birding. From pinecone peanut butter feeder making to backyard birding tips, we'll help you get started!

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Intermediates Blue activities are more challenging are for those who've mastered Green, or you can jump right into it if you already have some birding experience.

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Gray activities are great for more experienced birders, or to try if you've already mastered Green & Blue activities and want a bigger challenge!

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Citizen Science
JOIN PROJECT FEEDERWATCH All new Project FeederWatch participants receive a research kit in the mail. Renewing participants can choose not to receive a kit.

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